- Research Officer to Dag Hammarskjöld Youth Impact

Research Officer

The Research Officer (RO) is responsible for the material and creation of the toolbox and the Database, the two Outcome documents produced from the gathered information during the training. Prior to the event the Research Officer shall together with the Programme Officer discuss the format and activities of the training programme, so that the information coming from those activities are documented in the best way possible in order to ease the processing of information after the event. The Research Officer shall also work closely with the Project Secretary.


The Research Officer should:

  • Create means for the participants to easily document their findings and results
  • Explain to the participants in what way this shall be done
  • Assist the Programme Officer during the training programme
  • Process the documented information after the training
  • Present the final version of the Toolbox and Database to the Team
  • Continuously report on this work to the Team

Apply before the 25th of April. The mandate stretches from May to December 2018. Anyone between the ages of 17 – 30 years old are welcome to apply. 

Send us your CV along with a motivation letter, stating a 1st and 2nd choice of positions, to: polsek [at] us.uu.se