What is a nation?

A nation is a place where you can feel at home with hundreds of other students – you will work there, you will party there, you will definitely make friends there! It is much more like a family than a pub or a restaurant or anything like that.

Nations are exclusively for students, and you must be able to show your ID and your paid student union identification to get in. The good thing about this is that it gives the nations not only a special atmosphere. It also means that if you have friends visiting and you want to go out to the nations then you need to get a guest card for them. You can get these in the Uppsala Student Union building. Check out the website of the Kuratorskonventet (United Nations of Uppsala) to find out more. 

If a nation is going to have a restaurant, a club, a pub, sport groups, choirs, theatre groups and so on, it needs people to organise all of this: it needs workers! And the best part of all this, is that many of the people working at the nations do it for free. Yeah, if you work a Friday night at Värmlands you will get a bit of cash to go home with, but the klubbverk (the people in charge) sure won’t. So when you are buying your beer that costs literally half as much as at any regular place, be sure to give the workers a tip. If they mess up your half-dry martini or your hamburger takes a few minutes longer than at McDonald's, don't stress! It is students just like yourself who are providing the service.

Don’t even think about bringing in your own alcohol. Not only is it fairly illegal it also brings out the bad side of the bouncers. 

You should also note that being a member of a nation is not a one-way process. So that you get the most out of your time here it means that you have to get involved. The great part about this is that nations are quite flexible, and have a lot of members, which means that if you want to do something then it is quite probable that there are more people who would like to do that activity.