Should a study related problem occur during your time as a student or a PhD student at Uppsala University you are welcome to contact us. Study related problems that the ombudsmen handle may, for example, concern emerged conflicts with the university, support in disciplinary matters or if you feel you have been treated disadvantageously.  

The student- and PhD student ombudsmen works for all student unions at Uppsala University and offer help to all students and PhD students regardless if you are a member of a student union or not. The service is free of charge.

We help you on your own terms and never bring up or share your situation with a third party without your consent to specifically do so.

Contact information
Mail: studentombud [at]
Phone: 018 – 480 31 32

To have a meeting with one of the ombudsmen, book a time by email or phone.

Good to know! If you are a student at ground or advanced level: All the respective student unions at Uppsala University have their own local ombudsmen whose assignment it is to help students in study related matters. Their offices are located in the different student campuses. Therefore we recommend that you initially contact them with your question since they have the better insight of the specific courses or program that you study.

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