Do you want a buddy?

Moving to a new country can be difficult in the beginning: the language is new, the system is new, the culture is new – it can be quite overwhelming, although incredibly fun!

The only thing more difficult than moving to a new country is perhaps preparing to move to a new country. What clothes should you pack? What papers should you not forget? What events should you not miss? What is included in your room when you get there? What happens if you are not given a room by the University? What happens when you arrive?

The Buddy Programme is designed to put you in contact with more experienced Uppsala University students who want to help you out with your arrival in Sweden. They, along with your international officer, will provide you with all the information and help you might need before, during and after your settling in Uppsala.

Although it is not mandatory to apply for a buddy we recommend that you do so. It is necessary that you submit your application as soon as possible to get in touch with your buddy before you begin packing! 

- After you have sent the application you will see a 'thank you for registering' sign on the page. No confirmation email will be sent. If you do not see the message then it might be because of the explorer you are using. Are you unsure about your registration? Contact the International Officer! 

For more information contact Laura Giorio, project manager of the Buddy Programme.

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