Our work

Uppsala Student Union strives to improve the lives of students in Uppsala. 

An short introduction to some our work and services

- Every year, the Uppsala Student Union allocates substantial sums in financial contributions to various student associations, and Uppsala Student Union also has a number of scholarships and grants that students can apply for.  

- Uppsala Student Union have a Student ombudsman, where all members can come for help and advice. 

- We have Sections which are working on different campus with the intention to close the gap between Uppsala Student Unions activity and the students thus making it easier for the students to influence the situation at their faculty and being closer to help at a more local level.

- We have Student Liaison Officers that help you with problems that occur during your studies. 

- PHD Students go to the Doctorand ombudsman (read more about PHD students here). 

- The ESMeralda Diversity Office works to broaden recruitment to higher education, and the Kondoma Mera! project works to build awareness on reproductive health among the students of Uppsala.

- In the 1920s, the newspaper Ergo was founded, which in the 1940s became the newspaper of Uppsala Student Union. Today our newspaper Ergo also has a website and various digital news flows and newsletters. 

- Uppsala Student Union manages the country recreation site Norreda Torp, a picturesque group of old houses by a lake in the forest south of Uppsala. Norreda Torp can be rented by students at very attractive prices. Furthermore, the Student Union is the majority stockholder of the Studentbokhandeln bookshop, whose competitive prices has effectively held student literature prices on a relatively low level here in Uppsala for years. 

- Uppsala Student Union has also founded Folkuniversitetet and Drivhuset, and holds a seat in the Foundation for Rikssalen (the former Hall of State) at Uppsala Castle.