Student card

Information about the student card (Mecenat card) at Uppsala University

The Mecenat card is a discount card for students but it also functions as the membership card of student unions and nations.

All students (including PhD-students) that are registered at the university the current term will get the Mecenat card automatically.

When you sign up at the student union and/or nation the Mecenat card will be sent out as soon as possible.

Get your memberships in student union and nation at

Mecenat cards to students without memberships in student union/nation will be sent out in the end of February (spring term) and in the end of September (autumn term). To get the card sooner, you need to contact Uppsala Student Union.

Uppsala Student Union orders the Mecenat cards for all students (whether you are a member or not). Please contact the student union or nation if you have received a member ship bill that you do not intend to pay and want a Mecenat card without membership.

N.B. Members in student union and nation who are not currently active students will only get a membership card – not the Mecenat card. 

Travelling discounts:
When travelling with SL/UL you will get a student discount if your study rate is at least 75%. I.e. you need to be registered as a fulltime program student or registered for at least 22,5 credits/term (single subject courses). PhD-students must have an activity level of at least 75% registered for the last or current term.

You can check the status of your Mecenat card on the website below and also order a travel certificate to your mobile phone or download the Mecenat app while waiting for the card:

N.B. To travel with SL/UL you need to have your Mecenat card (with SL logo) or the travel certificate in your mobile phone. If you do not have either of these, do not buy a student ticket – you can be fined. No other student certificate will do.

Uppsala Student Union will happily answer your questions and help you if you have not received the correct card etc.

Please phone 018-480 31 00 or send an e-mail to reception [at], or visit us at Övre Slottsgatan 7.

Opening hours: Monday-Wednesday 9-17, Thursday 9-18, Friday 9-16