International students


Read about the Buddy programme.

Office hours and telephone hours:

I can normally be reached from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with exeption for the lunch hour (12 to 1p.m.). I do however have times where I have a lot of meetings and then it is difficult to reach me by dropping in. If you therefore want to be sure I am in the office please call/mail in advance to make an appointment.

What can I do for you?

My role here at Uppsala Student Union is to provide services to international students as well as to actively work politically for the improvement of their rights and conditions.

I have a wealth of knowledge about a lot of different things, especially regarding social questions, and will be glad to help you. In addition, I organise the Orientation Week, the International Buddy Programme and even a graduation ceremony in English for both international and Swedish students in order to make your life here a little bit better.

I am also responsible for representing you in the university and to make your voice heard. This is why I am represented in several decision-making bodies and am chairman of an international work group of the university and the Student Unions. If you would like to get involved and help me to increase the influence of international students on their social situation and education, come and join my international work group! Please call/email if interested :)

Do you want a buddy?

Moving to a new country can be difficult in the beginning: the language is new, the system is new, the culture is new – it can be quite overwhelming, although incredibly fun. Our Buddy Programme is designed to put you in contact with more experienced Uppsala University students who want to help you out with your arrival in Sweden.

Read more about the buddy programme

Attention: Different starting dates of courses!

Unlike in many of your home countries, Uppsala Universiy does NOT have a common start date for courses. It is your responsibility to contact your coordinator and ask him when your course is starting. I cannot be held responsible if you miss classes.

Warning for scams!

Quite recently we had a few incidents where international student got scammed when they tried to secure second-hand housing through advertisements they found on the internet.