Buddy Programme

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The International Buddy Programme is a centralised buddy matching service for all international students coming to Uppsala.

The International Buddy Programme is a cooperative programme from Uppsala Student Union, ELSA (The European Law Students' Association), UTN (Uppsala Union of Engineering and Science Students) and Uppsala University.

Make sure you apply on time, no late applications will be accepted!

The main intention with this programme is to make sure that all new international students receive help and feedback by students at Uppsala University, both before, during and after they have settled in Uppsala.

It is our understanding that it can be quite difficult to move to an new country and understand how everything works. That is why we started with the International Buddy Programme.

Another positive side of the International Buddy Programme is that it gives you - both Swedish students or remaining international students - the opportunity to meet new people and to help them explore the city. The opportunity to make new friends and help them with everything that you had to discover when you moved here. This can also be a great opportunity to practice languages.

We promise that it will be a rewarding experience for all!

Please note that the programme is intended for students of Uppsala University.

If interested, please contact Laura Giorio, our International Coordinator, or - alternatively - our Director of Communications!